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Relentless Tides Cover

  • Track Listing:

  1. At the End of It All
  2. Give Me a Chance
  3. Thank God for the Devil
  4. Becoming the Beast
  5. Time is Money
  6. Self-Destruct
  7. Keep Fighting On
  8. That Ship Has Sailed
  9. Relentless Tides
  10. Until We Meet Again

Time Has Come Cover

  • Track Listing:

  1. Machine Gun Heaven
  2. Let the Wolf Out
  3. (Come On) King of the Road
  4. Laughing in the Face of Death
  5. Apples of Apollo
  6. Who Needs Love, Anyway?
  7. State of Sin
  8. Sonata No.1 in B Minor
  9. We Know Where You Live

Kamikaze Cover

  • Track Listing:

  1. Fear Itself
  2. Kamikaze
  3. Bringer of War
  4. What Will Be
  5. The Torrent
  6. A Loss of Innocence
  7. Take on the World
  8. The Road Less Traveled
  9. Ready to Kill
  10. Driving Me Insane
  11. And the Sun Ran Away With the Moon
  12. Reunion (When Yesterday Dies)

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